PRSSA is pioneering a track for younger members that serves as an introduction to public relations. It gives freshman and sophomores the opportunity to understand the strategic component of the profession while they learn skills and theory in class. It is meant to be a relaxed and comfortable environment, where students have the opportunity for real advancement.
The semester starts with an 8-week introduction to public relations. Held once a week, sessions walk students through the basics of what PR is, give an introduction to campaign planning and use case studies and guest speakers to give students insight into what sort of public relations they may be interested in pursuing.

Taking advantage of our faculty advisors as guest lecturers, we host sessions that detail crisis communications, investor relations, social media, sports and entertainment public relations and corporate public relations just to name a few.

This introduction course ends around Thanksgiving but picks up again in the spring with a hands-on public relations experience. As a class, students take on a non-profit client as if they were part of the student-run firm. Under the supervision of experienced mentors they research, strategize, execute and evaluate their campaign.

EDGE members also have the opportunity to intern with Hill Communications and learn what it is like to work on an account.

For more information on the EDGE program, please contact Linda Bamba and Lauren Collins at edge@suprssa.com

EDGE Class of 2017:

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Abigail Singer

Alexis Corbin

Anika Steenstrup

Anne Farber

Bridget  Mahoney

Brooke Tanner

Chloe Citron

Claire Pickens

Claire Mackman

Daniela Gentile

Darlene Kenney

Diana Kofman

Ellen Greene

Erin Elliott

Felicia Widjaya

Gwendolyn Burke

Hadassah Lai

Hannah Kipniss

Jane Lee

Jessica Zuk

Joey Lauer

Joshua Fayer

Julia O’Loughlin

Julianna Lopez

Kate Adams

Lauren Crimmins

Lauren McLaughliln

Lindsey Godbout

Marina Rubio

Mary Stammell

Meredith Conway

Minh-Tam Le

Riva Goldberg

Sam Melnick

Shoshana Stahl

Tanner O spenceley

Vera Rees

Yanwen Peng

Ashley Steinberg

Sari Kamp

Sydney Levy

Thomas Klauck

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Abby Grundfest

John Fisher

Christina Howie

Mindy Rosenthal

Marielle Brunelle

Julia Trainor

Anna Army

Sarah Kelly

Ashley Steinberg

Lena Oliver

Maggie Harrington

Jamie Steinberg

Olivia Pastrana

Dimitra Gritzanis

Yaz Elkhouly

Jenna Morrisey

Cheyenne Wood

Jacqueline Lanese

Georgie Olmeda

Evelyn Teperman