Sports and Politics Intertwine by Olivia Schlesinger

by: Olivia Schlesinger Whenever sports and politics intertwine, the media is all over it. Sports are not typically seen as a way to get a political message across, but in recent times, they have been doing just that. More specifically,

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“Why I Chose Public Relations” by Olivia Schlesinger

By: Olivia Schlesinger ’19 “Why I Chose Public Relations”   Ever since I was little, I loved people. As far back as I could remember, I would always choose to be with people rather than alone. I self-titled myself a

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“Financial Planning” presented by Professor Ravi Shukla

By Rebecca Hansen, Graduate Student ’16 On Wednesday April 6, 2016, Professor Ravi Shukla presented a lecture on financial planning as part of SU PRSSA’s guest lecture series. Here are a few highlights from his presentation: Who needs money? “We all

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David Shing’s Tips for Human Connection

By Rebecca Hansen, Graduate Student ’16 David Shing, AOL’s Digital Prophet, spoke to students on March 29, 2016 at the I-3 Center in Newhouse Three. He presented a lecture sponsored by The Eric Mower Lecture Series entitled, “The Human Connection.” Students

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My Experience: Grad vs. Undergrad

By Rebecca Hansen, Graduate Student ’16 The Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) is a student organization designed to introduce future professionals to the public relations industry. As a member since 2011, I know first-hand how beneficial membership can be

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The Evolution of Kanye’s Album Name and Why It Matters

By Rebecca Hansen, Graduate Student ’16 Kanye West is a prominent rapper in the United States. He has successfully released many albums over the past decade, winning numerous awards for his work. Recently, he released his album “The Life of Pablo”

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Super Bowl Babies: Changing the NFL’s Image

By Anna Bupp, ’19 When I think of the National Football League, the first words that come to mind are: concussions, violence, and abuse. And I’m not the only one making these negative associations. The NFL’s reputation has suffered severely

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Super Bowl Halftime Performers’ Social Media

By Rebecca Hansen, Graduate Student ’16 The Super Bowl, sponsored by the National Football League, brings in millions of views every year. Whether you watch for the football game or the commercials, most viewers are sure to stick around for the

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BE Wise, Syracuse!

BE Wise this Halloween, Syracuse! By Amanda Chou   Although we may be out of the trick-or-treating age range, we play a whole other ball game as college students when it comes to Halloween. Halloween is full of family fun:

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Southwest Airline’s Transparency Strategy is Model to the Rest

       Good Job Southwest Airlines By Kendall Knaak          In the world of public relations, successful PR practitioners know transparency is the key to creating strong brand loyalty. After all, if a company cannot be open

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