Sport Public Relations by Lauren Doyle.

Sport Public Relations
By Lauren Doyle

Having the opportunity to attend Syracuse University for undergrad and grad school has presented me with a lot of great opportunities. I’ve been lucky to attend a university with an amazing athletics program. When I arrived here my freshman year, I decided I wanted to be a Sport Management minor. I took the introductory course and I could tell right away that these were classes I would enjoy taking. Through that course, I was introduced to the marketing coordinator in the Athletics Department. She said she was always looking for Game-Day Marketing interns. I automatically emailed her because I was actively searching for ways to get involved with the Athletic Department.


I soon became a Game-Day Marketing Intern for the football and basketball games. I felt so lucky to be granted with this opportunity and I’m still thankful to this day. The sport industry is extremely fast-paced but also very fun. Since I love Syracuse sports (how could you not?!), interning during the games didn’t seem like a job to me. I was able to watch the football and basketball games while I helped run promotions and interact with fans. Seeing people that you picked for the fan seat upgrade or the Mountain Dew Fan Cam smiling on camera and having a great time makes you feel good because you know you played a role in their experience at the Carrier Dome.


This internship taught me that timing is extremely important. The Syracuse football and basketball games are shown on television, so certain promotions and videos have to be shown on the big screen in the very few minutes we have during a commercial break or when a timeout is called. It is extremely important to make sure everything is in place and the people are ready ahead of time so when the cameraman is ready, we don’t miss the promotion being shown on the big screen.


My other experience in sports outside of Syracuse University was with the Syracuse Crunch American Hockey League in downtown Syracuse. This internship was where I had my very first public relations experiences. Being that I was working for a smaller sport organization, compared to the New York Yankees or the New York Giants that have much bigger departments, I was getting a lot of hands-on experience. When I was in the office, I spent a lot of time writing press releases for upcoming events involving the Crunch or accompanying players to the radio stations for interviews. During game-days, it was a lot busier between delivering credentials, making sure the press had all the notes they needed and preparing ourselves for the game.


Overall, working in sport public relations is very similar to any other sector of public relations that you would work in. Whether you work for an agency, in-house or nonprofit, there are a variety of tasks that need to be done. Each day is different in the world of public relations, no matter where you work. Just remember, your skills are transferable and if you’re a great public relations professional, then you can make it in any sector of PR!


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