Top 5 Ways to Ensure Happiness in an Otherwise Ordinary Day by Olivia Schlesinger

Top 5 Ways to Ensure Happiness in an Otherwise Ordinary Day

By Olivia Schlesinger


You may be like me and consider yourself a happy person. Or you may not be. Either way, there is always room for more happiness, especially in ordinary days when there are no fancy occasions or special holidays. The following five feats are goals of mine, and hopefully soon goals of yours, that bring about bits of happiness. They will work in different ways for different people, but at least one of them will lead you to find happiness in an otherwise mundane day.


  1. Call your family.

No matter how often you talk to your family, you always forget how much a simple phone call home can truly make a difference in your day. Whether you’re having a bad day and need a pick-me-up or you’re having a great one and want someone to share it with, it’s always helpful to give a ring home. As they say, family knows best.


  1. Do something unexpectedly nice for a stranger.

It is a true testament to your character if you go out of your way for someone else, let alone out of your way for a complete stranger. You’d be surprised how great it feels to lend a hand to someone you don’t know – no strings attached. Send happiness to receive happiness. Plus, it keeps everyone’s faith in humanity high, which is never a bad thing.


  1. Engage in a conversation you’ve never had before.

New conversations are stimulating. To talk about something that you haven’t given much thought or to listen to someone’s varied perspective on a situation are both refreshing tasks. There is an overwhelming sense of satisfaction granted when you engage in a new topic of conversation. And, you’ll probably learn something new.


  1. Find a new song that you relate to.

Music affects everyone differently, but it affects all of us in one way or another. Take advantage of that. Discover new bands or songs or lyrics that haven’t come your way yet. It’s interesting what you’ll uncover and fascinating to see how many new types of music you’ll unexpectedly relate to.


  1. Tell your friends how much you appreciate them.

This one is kind of reversed, if you will. By expressing your love and gratitude to your friends, you will be bringing them happiness but you will also find happiness in return. It will make you realize that you have found good people and that these good people add so much to your everyday life.


Now have at it and enjoy being happy.

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