Individual outlook on Public Relations by Lauren Doyle


It seems like the inevitable thing to hear that everyone studying or working in public relations runs into, “What does your job entail?¬†What is public relations?” If it’s not your family members asking you, it’s your close friends who have no idea how to describe your job to anyone who asks. Little do they know, they are witnesses of public relations activities every single day.


To me, public relations is an extremely vital aspect of any organization. People come across the works of public relations professionals on a daily basis without even realizing it. From social media posts to organized company or public events and campaigns to raise money, they are all the result of team work, research, creativity and strategic thinking.


Public relations is essential because there are so many huge roles that we take on in the industry. No matter where you work, people will always look to you for advice or input on a situation because they know you are always wearing your ‘public relations hat’ and thinking with that mindset. It’s a great feeling to know that what you’re doing is important to a company and to later actually see all your hard work paying off whether you helped raise thousands of dollars by running a campaign or helped develop a social media presence for an organization.


Public relations raises awareness, builds relationships, delivers the truth and improves reputations. It is a great feeling to know that in a few short months I will be working in an industry that embodies such important values and plays an important role in organizations everywhere.


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