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The Evolution of Kanye’s Album Name and Why It Matters

By Rebecca Hansen, Graduate Student ’16 Kanye West is a prominent rapper in the United States. He has successfully released many albums over the past decade, winning numerous awards for his work. Recently, he released his album “The Life of Pablo”

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Super Bowl Babies: Changing the NFL’s Image

By Anna Bupp, ’19 When I think of the National Football League, the first words that come to mind are: concussions, violence, and abuse. And I’m not the only one making these negative associations. The NFL’s reputation has suffered severely

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Super Bowl Halftime Performers’ Social Media

By Rebecca Hansen, Graduate Student ’16 The Super Bowl, sponsored by the National Football League, brings in millions of views every year. Whether you watch for the football game or the commercials, most viewers are sure to stick around for the

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