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YouTube: Home base of Influencers

by Andrew C. Erickson ’15 On the front page of the New York Times on Tuesday, September 16th, was an article about how CBS Films approached a young YouTuber with the possibility of making a cameo appearance in an upcoming

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PR and Social Media

by Samantha Harrington ‘16 Social media changes the way we interact with the world. Depending on whom you talk to, social media is a great thing or an outright disaster. The world of PR takes social media by the reins,

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Keep your own CSR recommendations

by Andrew C. Erikson ’15 One of my favorite things about Public Relations is the way it can serve as a corporate conscience. If we see something wrong or immoral about the way that our clients do business, we can

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The Honest Salesmen

by Leah Strassburg ’17 Last week, CNBC revealed a PR agent’s disturbing attempt to bribe a CNBC employee. The pitch went something like this:   I would be asking you to include our clients in stories you’re working on (assuming there’s

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Chairwoman Rochelle Ford: Shaking Up PR at SU

by Mitali Das ’17 and Leah Strassburg ’17 When asked to describe her new position as Public Relations chair for Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, Chairwoman Rochelle Ford optimistically recites her new catch-phrase: “Everything is awesome!” However, her

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by Rachel Workstel ’17 Much of the conversation concerning the Ray Rice scandal plastered all over media and the minds of the public centers around the issue of domestic violence. As a result, many victims have taken to social media, specifically

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Ray Rice: A Public Relations Nightmare

by Alex Keator ’17 The NFL had high hopes for the headlines on Monday morning after opening weekend but instead found itself facing controversy because of Ray Rice. In case you missed it, Ray Rice was suspended for two games

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