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Hungry? Check out SYRA-JUICE

Melanie Prior ( Getting bored of eating the same thing at Jimmy John’s and Chipotle all the time? Looking for someplace new to try? Check out Syra-Juice, tucked neatly next to Subway inside the Marshall Square Mall! You’ve probably walked

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What To Do at a Networking Event…

Sarah Eisenmenger ( Networking events are highly valuable, but can be incredibly intimidating. In order to get the most out of a networking event, keep these three goals in mind: Be memorable Collect information Create value for others by letting

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Social Media Site of the Week: Foursquare

Madelyn Simons ( There is something oddly exciting about knowing where all of your friends are all the time without even talking to them. Foursquare, a location based social networking application, allows users to check in at specific locations and

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Pin of the Week

Melanie Prior ( Spring break 2013 allowed for plenty of time for browsing Pinterest and in celebration of people getting accepted to study abroad programs, this week’s Pin of the Week is “How to Travel in Europe for Three Weeks”. Although you may be traveling for

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How To Prepare For a Phone/Skype Interview

Jackie Bingold ( It’s officially spring. To most people this is a time of joy, welcoming the long awaited arrival of the warm weather, but as college students, we know spring means only one thing: interview time. As the drawn

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A snapshot of fashion PR

Rulan Qu ( The glamorous and dramatic life of fashion publicists depicted in movies and TV shows attracts young professionals to fashion public relations. Despite the growing popularity, fashion publication is often seen as a niche hard to break into.

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Food Porn and Its Delicious Benefits

Andrea Greenberg ( Food porn. That got your attention, didn’t it? Although some may be more familiar with it than others, “food porn” is a commonly used phrase for websites that showcase high-quality, glamorized, eye-catching images of food and beverages

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DKNY: Scandalously Sassy

Lexie Yazwinsky ( After watching the Applebee’s crisis, the last thing any company wants is to be compared to that disaster. Unfortunately, many have recently called out fashion giant DKNY for making many of the same mistakes. On February 25, 2013,

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Making the Switch from In-House to Agency

Wednesdays with the Firm Alise Fisher ( I was thrilled to accept a position this semester as an account supervisor for Hill Communications, but with my excitement came a few reservations.  My work experience to date has been almost exclusively

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Facebook Sponsored Stories

Maddie Simons ( I receive a lot of emails from Facebook, but recently, I received one that I found particularly unsettling. The subject of the email was “LEGAL NOTICE OF SETTLEMENT OF CLASS ACTION.” My first thought, am I getting

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