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Apply for the Fleishman-Hillard: Alfred Fleishman Diversity Fellowship Program

  For more information, please visit The deadline to apply is March 15, 2013.

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How to Dress for an Interview

Nicole Arzoomanian ( After you’ve finally set a date for a job interview, then it’s time to decide what to wear. Are you dancing the fine line between fashionable and inappropriate? Is what you have picked out proper? If you

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Hari’s Hairdressers

Alexandria Yazwinsky ( A few days ago I was getting my daily dose of fashion excitement at my hair salon by browsing “Harper’s Bazaar.” I came across a quote about Hari’s Hairdressers. I was intrigued by this “hair menu” so

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What to Say When Sending Out Internship Emails

Andrea Greenberg ( So, you’ve gone out of your way to browse the Internet, bulletin boards and other potential sources to find internships that correspond to your interests. And you’ve tweaked your resume to match the internship description. And you’ve

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PR Advanced: Embrace the Possibilities

Carly Yeung ( The regional conference, PR Advanced: Embrace the Possibilities, hosted by Boston University’s PRSSA chapter this past weekend was a great networking and learning experience. I got to meet PR students from BC, BU, Emerson and FIT, as

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Believing in Your Message

Britni Coe Account Supervisor; #BEWise Campaign Everything we do in public relations, and I would argue in life, is focused around a message. Whether you’re working for an organization, a large company or leading a campaign, you must adhere

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Social Media Site of the Week: Twitter

Sarah Eisenmenger ( It seems as though everyone is on twitter, even Pope Benedict XVI set up an account, and I’m going to tell you why you should too. Twitter is a great tool to enhance your personal brand. The networking

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Best PR Lecture – Kerri Potts for SOAR/EDGE

Beth Lussenhop ( On Tuesday, February 12, 2012, Keri Potts from ESPN gave a skype-in lecture to the very lucky members of PRSSA. Potts is the Director of PR for college sports of ESPN and a graduate of the S.I.

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How to Write a Pitch Letter

Nicole Arzoomanian ( Pitch letters are important for PR professionals because they ultimately work to convince an individual reporter why he/she should cover your story. They are more succinct and to the point than a traditional press release, while still

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How To Make Yourself More Marketable

Lauryn Botterman ( Make Yourself More Marketable It’s a dog eat dog world out there. Although mommy and daddy might shower you with praise and constantly remind you how intelligent, qualified, and good-looking you are, here’s the cold, hard truth:

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